Hey, I'm Tara! I design and create clothes and accessories to make you feel FAB! I created Tara Elisa Design to be a joyful and fun space. Every piece is thoughtfully handcrafted by me in my home studio in Hoboken. Everything is handmade to order so you're getting a garment made specifically for you. It takes a few weeks to complete your order but at the end of it you have something so special you won't mind the wait! 


Join me in this slow fashion movement! To reduce waste I don't keep any extra stock on hand​ - that's why everything is made to order. I try to be as no waste as I can by saving scraps and only ordering the amount of fabric I actually need. I turn those scraps into tags, masks and other small accessories. I live in the NYC area so I source A LOT of my materials from local shops in the garment district. If I haven't designed the print myself, I've likely bought it from another small biz. I love to see small businesses thriving so if I can get it from a local vendor or artist, I do!

Everything is made-to-order - that means it's made after you order. Because of this I am size inclusive and can customize the sizing of something if you provide specific measurements or want a size that isn't listed. I offer custom sizing at no additional cost to you!

I have been sewing since before I can remember and have always loved creating. I ended up going to college to get a degree in Costume Design & Construction but have always always loved clothing and fashion. My journey ended up leading me to the fashion space but I couldn't always find what I was looking for. So I started to make clothing myself if I couldn't find something in my size. I then learned what 'slow fashion' really meant and fell in love with the process and community! It's just snowballed from there and now here I am sharing my creations with all of you.


- current lead time is 28 business days -

so how does it work?

You place an order. I make the pattern to fit the sizing you've provided. I prep the fabric and cut out the garment. I sew the garment myself and add a tag. I do a quality check and package it all up. I send the package via USPS and YAY it's on its way to you! My current lead time is 28 business days but if I have your order finished before then, it'll ship out earlier!

custom sizing

If you would like to request custom sizing or don't see your size listed send me a message through the 'contact' page or drop me an email at - custom sizing is available at no additional cost. We're size inclusive here! Any and all bodies are welcome. View my size guide HERE.